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Friday 20 September 2013

IB MHA ACIO Question Paper Solution Solved Paper Download 2013

Intelligence bureau of MHA conducted a common written exam for assistant central Intelligence officer Grade 2 executive post 2013. MHA IB ACIO exam was held on 15 September 2013 written exam contains two question papers normally paper 1 which was objective type and paper 2 which was descriptive type. Question paper language was English. Total 1 hr 40 minuets had given for attempting the paper. 100 marks set for paper 1
Q 1 : if increasing 20 by p percentage give the same result as decreasing 60 by P percentage , what is P percent of 70 ?
A 50    B 140    C 14    D 35

2: if the republic day of India in 1980 falls of statuary , X was born on march 3, 1980 and Y is old to X by four days then Y’s birth fell on
A : Thursday     B Friday C wideness  D none of these

3 find the missing number in the following series 4 , 18 _, 100 , 180 , 294
A 32    B 36    C 48     D 40

4: there are six task and six personal , Task 1 can not be assign to either on 1 or 2, task 2 must be assigned to either person 2 or person 4, every person has to be assigned   how ma was can the assignment be done
A 144 ,     B 180     C 192     D 360

5 : a number when divided by a division leave a remainder of 24 , when the original number is divided by the same division,. The remainder is 11 , what is the value of division
A 13     B 59    C 35    D 37

See Complete Question paper IN PDF file
IB MHA ACIO Question Paper Solution Solved Paper Download 2013


  1. solution kidher hai? ye to bas questions ka photo copy hai

  2. answer sheet pls

  3. Its All facking us govt is a cheater... taking our money like this examinations...
    fuck u... dare govt...


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