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Friday 25 October 2013

SSC CHSL Answer key morning Shift 2013 Combined Higher secondary level Exam

SSC CHSL Answer key morning Shift 2013 777 RI 7Answer Sheet CHSL Question paper Solution of Combined Higher secondary level examination 2013 Correct answer sheet DEO LDC Data entry operator and Lower Division Clerk Exam 20 , 27 October 2013 Evening shifts 10+2 ;level

Q.1D        Q.2C        Q.3A        Q.4D        Q.5A,       Q.6D        Q.7A        Q.8B        Q.9C        Q.10C,       Q.11A        Q.12B        Q.13D        Q.14D        Q.15C
       Q.16D        Q.17D        Q.18D        Q.19A        Q.20C,        Q.21C        Q.22C        Q.23A        Q.24D        Q.25B,        Q.26D        Q.27A        Q.28B        Q.29A        Q.30D
       Q.31A        Q.32C        Q.33A        Q.34C        Q.35D,        Q.36B        Q.37A        Q.38C        Q.39B        Q.40C,        Q.41D        Q.42A        Q.43B        Q.44C        Q.45D
       Q.46C        Q.47D        Q.48B        Q.49D        Q.50B,        Q.51B        Q.52C        Q.53B        Q.54C        Q.55B,        Q.56D        Q.57B        Q.58A        Q.59B        Q.60C
       Q.61B        Q.62A        Q.63C        Q.64D        Q.65C,        Q.66B        Q.67B        Q.68D        Q.69D        Q.70B,        Q.71D        Q.72D        Q.73C        Q.74C        Q.75A
       Q.76C        Q.77B        Q.78A        Q.79C        Q.80B,        Q.81A        Q.82B        Q.83B        Q.84B        Q.85B,        Q.86A        Q.87B        Q.88A        Q.89C        Q.90A
       Q.91B        Q.92C        Q.93C        Q.94B        Q.95A,        Q.96B        Q.97D        Q.98C        Q.99A        Q.100B,        Q.101C        Q.102B        Q.103C        Q.104D        Q.105C,        Q.106C        Q.107A        Q.108B        Q.109C        Q.110D,       Q.111B        Q.112A        Q.113B        Q.114C        Q.115B,        Q.116B        Q.117C        Q.118B        Q.119D        Q.120B,        Q.121C        Q.122C        Q.123B        Q.124B        Q.125A
       Q.126A        Q.127C        Q.128C        Q.129C        Q.130C,        Q.131D        Q.132B        Q.133A        Q.134B        Q.135A,        Q.136A        Q.137B        Q.138C        Q.139D        Q.140C,        Q.141A        Q.142B        Q.143C        Q.144D        Q.145A,        Q.146C        Q.147D        Q.148B        Q.149C        Q.150A,        Q.151B        Q.152A        Q.153A        Q.154A        Q.155D,        Q.156C        Q.157C        Q.158D        Q.159D        Q.160C,        Q.161B        Q.162D        Q.163D        Q.164A        Q.165B,        Q.166A        Q.167C        Q.168C        Q.169A        Q.170B,        Q.171C        Q.172B        Q.173C        Q.174C        Q.175D,        Q.176C        Q.177C        Q.178A        Q.179D        Q.180D,
       Q.181C        Q.182D        Q.183C        Q.184B        Q.185A        Q.186A        Q.187D        Q.188B        Q.189B        Q.190D        Q.191A        Q.192C        Q.193A        Q.194D        Q.195C       Q.196A        Q.197B        Q.198D        Q.199D        Q.200B

Posts your Booklet Code No of receiving other set of answer key… of SSC Higher secondary level examination.
Note: above answer key if NOT an official Answer key, and it taken from Internet resources, and published here just for instant use only. When official website staff selection commission SSC will publishe answer key we will inform you’re here.


  1. plz upload CHSL 20-10-2013 MORNING SHIFT 468 NM 9 ANSWER KEY...

    1. FOR 468 NM 9 ANSWER KEYS 2013
      Q.1B Q.2C Q.3A Q.4C Q.5 D, Q.6C Q.7 C Q.8A Q.9D Q.10C, Q.11A Q.12A Q.13C Q.14D Q.15C
      Q.16C Q.17B Q.18C Q.19B Q.20C, Q.21D Q.22C Q.23B Q.24C Q.25B, Q.26D Q.27D Q.28B Q.29B Q.30C
      Q.31A Q.32C Q.33A Q.34C Q.35C, Q.36A Q.37A Q.38C Q.39A Q.40C, Q.41C Q.42A Q.43A Q.44C Q.45C
      Q.46C Q.47C Q.48D Q.49C Q.50A, Q.51A Q.52D Q.53A Q.54C Q.55A, Q.56D Q.57A Q.58D Q.59D Q.60C
      Q.61A Q.62A Q.63B Q.64C Q.65C, Q.66A Q.67A Q.68B Q.69C Q.70D, Q.71C Q.72D Q.73C Q.74B Q.75A
      Q.76C Q.77A Q.78D Q.79C Q.80A, Q.81D Q.82A Q.83D Q.84A Q.85D, Q.86B Q.87B Q.88D Q.89C Q.90A
      Q.91A Q.92D Q.93C Q.94A Q.95A, Q.96D Q.97C Q.98D Q.99A Q.100A, Q.101C Q.102D Q.103B Q.104C Q.105A, Q.106D Q.107B Q.108A Q.109C Q.110D, Q.111A Q.112B Q.113D Q.114B Q.115D, Q.116C Q.117D Q.118C Q.119B Q.120A, Q.121B Q.122C Q.123A Q.124D Q.125A
      Q.126A Q.127D Q.128C Q.129D Q.130C, Q.131B Q.132A Q.133A Q.134D Q.135B, Q.136A Q.137D Q.138C Q.139B Q.140C, Q.141A Q.142A Q.143B Q.144C Q.145A, Q.146C Q.147D Q.148A Q.149D Q.150D, Q.151A Q.152C Q.153A Q.154C Q.155D, Q.156A Q.157A Q.158D Q.159A Q.160C, Q.161A Q.162D Q.163C Q.164D Q.165A, Q.166B Q.167C Q.168C Q.169D Q.170A, Q.171D Q.172A Q.173C Q.174D Q.175C, Q.176D Q.177A Q.178A Q.179D Q.180C,
      Q.181B Q.182C Q.183B Q.184A Q.185D Q.186A Q.187C Q.188B Q.189B Q.190C Q.191D Q.192C Q.193B Q.194D Q.195C Q.196A Q.197A Q.198C Q.199D Q.200A

      I am not 100% sure but guys..check it out..

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  4. Pls Upload 004 NO 2 and 005 LQ 6

  5. please give answer key ssc higher secondary 20-10-2013 evening shift

  6. plzzzzzzzzz upload 357 MN 8 MORNING SHIFT 20/10/2013

  7. 004 no 5 27 oct, morning shift

  8. plz upload CHSL 27-10-2013 MORNING SHIFT 003 ON 4 ANSWER KEY...
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    thank you...

  9. evening shift 021QL3

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