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Tuesday 5 November 2013

RRC Group D Question Paper Previous year Solved Paper with Answer

Railway recruitment Cell RRC Group D exam Model Sample question paper RRB Solved previous year question for RRC Group D exam 2012, 2013, General Knowledge, GK GS general awareness, general study for competitive civil service exam

114. Tendullcar Committee has estimated population below poverty line in India at
(a) 27.2    (b) 37.2         (c) 22.7    D    32.7

115  as per 2001 census, in which union territory of India , literacy rate was highest
A Delhi     b Chandigarh         C lakshadeep     D Pondicherry

117. As per report of United Nations Development Programme published in 1990 which out of the following is not included in the calculation of Human Development Index (HDI)?
(a) Per capita income         B Urbanization  (c) Literacy (d) Life expectancy

118. Which one of the following hinders  the success of process of Financial
(a) Low income (b) Illiteracy  (c) ,Lack of Bank branches All the above

119. Which of the following cyclones did not affect India?
(a) Aila (b) Nargis C Thane (d) Nilam

120. The Year of Great Divide in Indian De9ographic history is
A 1921 (b) 1947     (c) 1951 (d)

121. Which one of the following is covered under the Minimum Need Programme?
(a) Rural water supply     (b) social forestry    
(c) elementary education     D improvement Urban Slums

122. Which one of the following is related with environmental protection?
(a) Sustainable development  B poverty Alleviation
(c) Air conditioning  (d) Use of paper bags

123. In which Five Year Plan, the National Rural Health Mission was launched?
(A) Sixth     B ninth     C tenth     D Eleventh

124 Indian model of development protects the interests of
(a) Individual    (b) State     (C)  both individual  and state     D none of these

125. The Aam Admi Bima (AABY) was launched on
(a) 15th March, 2009     (b) 15th January, 2008     (c) 35th August, 2007        D 2 October, 2007

126. One of the objectives of the 11 “ Five Year Plan has been to reduce the poverty ratio by how much percentage points by the year 2012?
(a) 2.0 percent    (b) 2.5 percent        (c) 10.0 percent    D 15 percent

Answer key Question paper solution 114 b    115 c    116 a    117 b    118 d    119 c    120 a    121 d    122 b    123 c    124 c    125 d    126 c

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